Quality Assurance And Quality Control

Aswan has ISO 9001-2000 certified quality system.

Quality Control(QC) is always the nerve centre of the reconditioning industry. Our quality control department performs the following functions.

  •     Pre-Inspection that includes visual,dimensional and NDT
  •     Repair recommendations
  •     Working drawings to carry out proper Repair
  •     In-Process inspection
  •     Final inspection prior to dispatch to customers
  •     Prepare, maintain stringent quality control procedures
  •     Quality Assurance to maintain ISO and API quality systems
  •     Vendor evaluation to ensure quality is maintained according to the norms with our external sub contractors and suppliers as well
  •     Complaint management system


Aswan is committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of its HSE managment system. Aswan will make visible this commitment by

  •     Being proactive in its efforts to improve the effectivess of its HSEQ processes to reduce waste, pollution and minimize adverse environmental impact and safety risks.
  •     Seeking out the considering current technologies in:

               Minimizing the health & Safety risks

               Solid waste handling and disposal

               Hazardous materials handling and storage

Through the use of these technologies and systems, we will continue to move forward towards our objective to minimize waste discharge and lost time due to injuries through continual improvements.

Aswan is committed to complying with the applicable occupational health, safety and environmental legislations and regulations. The HSE Policy will be made available to any member of the public requesting it.



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